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Huraina tō mata

When you visit Horowhenua you cannot escape the convergence of history and future, the peace and ease of the vast horizons and lifestyle, and the adventure and exhilaration of the mountains, rivers and parks. 

Horowhenua is a place that is awakening to its potential. 

Boasting the shortest distance in Aotearoa from mountains to sea and host to a truly unique dune system, Horowhenua has long been valued for its unique and fertile whenua.

Horowhenua's unique microcosm has given birth to a wealth of food producers, with Horowhenua often referred to as the North Island's vegetable bowl.

Home to Muaūpoko, Ngāti Raukawa Ki te Tonga and Rangitāne, Horowhenua has a rich cultural heritage.  From stories of the fabled Waitaha people at 7 feet tall, Patupaiarehe or fairy people thought to have inhabited the Makahika Valley, to sophisticated tree forts and warriors said to possess the ability to walk on water – the Horowhenua holds many taonga close to its heart.

Getting here

Mā hea tae mai ai

Recharge, or rewind, find your new favourite places amongst our welcoming horizons. Discover a land of diversity where the convergence of cultural influences opposing landscapes provide rich cultural experiences, exhilarating adventures, and moments of peaceful contemplation.

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