What to pack for your summer holiday

Start packing

Ah, summer – the season of evening barbecues with mates, lazy beach days with the whānau, and, of course, that highly anticipated summer holiday. If you're like us and you've already crowned Horowhenua as the undisputed champion of holiday destinations (okay, we might be a tad biased), you've likely got your trip all planned out. Now, all that's left is the packing. But don't break a sweat over what to bring because we're here to take the guesswork out of it. Here’s three essentials that should make it onto your packing list for the ultimate Horowhenua holiday.

Suns out, SPF’s in 


No one wants to look like a cooked shrimp by the end of the day, so make sure you’re bringing an SPF’s that packing. Whether you're lounging on Foxton Beach, treating the kids to a day at Levin Adventure Park, or taking a leisurely stroll around Papaitonga Scenic Reserve, you’ll need to be slapping on that sunblock and slipping on them sunnies. 

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Togs and Towels 


Horowhenua is chocka with some awesome beaches, rivers and pools – so don’t forget your swimmers! Whether you're spiralling down the hydro slide at Levin Aquatic Centre, sunbathing on the stunning shores of Waitārere, or letting the kids run wild at Levin’s Jubliee Park Splashpad, a couple of pairs of togs are a must to see you through the summer vacay.

The great outdoors


Pack as little or as much as you can to take advantage of mother nature and all she has to offer. If you're gearing up for an adventure on the Mangahao - Makahika Track or want to fit in a cheeky 9 holes, proper preparation is key. If you’re a master packer (or travel with a trailer) make sure you include mountain bikes, golf clubs and the kids scooters, if you pack on the light side, some sturdy footwear and a waterproof jacket will do.

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Ready to go?

With your bags packed and your gear in tow, we can't wait to welcome you to Horowhenua this summer! For ideas on what to do while you’re here, check out our list of activities and places to explore.