Live, Work and Learn

Noho, Mahi, Ako

Locals joke that it takes five minutes to get anywhere which is true for most commutes, unless going a little further afield. If you’re raising a family, the wide open spaces, beaches, rivers, parks, reserves and many local sports and community groups, make it easier for kids to be kids and for parents to feel a greater sense of balance.

Nestled between the Tararua Range and the Tasman Sea, Horowhenua is home to a range of adventure activities. Whether you enjoy a stroll on the beach or prefer the thrill of biking down a mountain, there is something for everyone.

With changes in the way Kiwi work, it is now the norm for many to enjoy a balance of working from home and in the office. This means now more than ever, a career either in Horowhenua or its neighbouring regions, Greater Wellington and Manawatū/Whanganui, is not only accessible but an option many have embraced.