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Pakihi, Haumitanga

Why invest in Aotearoa - New Zealand?

He aha e haumi ai ki Aotearoa?

New Zealand makes it easy to do business.

  • We’re a multi-cultural, democratic society with a healthy economy.
  • We’re Innovative, tech-savvy problem solvers
  • We offer a great work-life balance
  • We have a unique identity and strong values
  • Sustainability and authenticity are important to us.

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in the world for
ease of doing business

Source: NZStory Investment-Guide;
Doing Business Report, The World Bank, 2020
and Forbes Best Countries for Business List 2018


in the world for
corruption transparency

Source: Corruption Perceptions Index,
Transparency International, 2021


for global creativity
out of 139 nations

Source: Global Creativity Index,
Martin Prosperity Institute, 2015


in the world for 
business friendliness

Source: NZStory Investment-Guide;
Doing Business Report, The World Bank, 2020
and Forbes Best Countries for Business List 2018


for climate change readiness
out of 191 countries

Source: University of Notre Dame,
ND-GAIN Index GDP adjusted, 2019


for safety score 
for New Zealand

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit,
Global Food Security Index, 2021

Nestled between the Tararua Range and Tasman Sea, Horowhenua’s temperate climate, relaxed lifestyle, community spirit and access to beautiful beaches and native bush, make it a wonderful place to live.

Why invest in Horowhenua?

He aha e haumi ai ki Horowhenua?

If you’re a business looking for a place to expand, relocate or warehouse your goods, there’s a few good reasons why Horowhenua should be your first choice.

Horowhenua is located in an extremely opportunity rich location, along the nation’s major transportation routes and within an hour’s drive of both Palmerston North and Wellington. From Horowhenua there is easy access to four airports, an international sea port, and freight and commuter rail. Horowhenua is centred on the junction between State Highways 1 and 57 - the heart of the Lower North Island economy.


Investment in national roading infrastructure, means the nation’s capital and third largest city, Wellington has become even more accessible. This provides a huge array of opportunities for both locals and those wanting to move to, or invest in, the district. Wellington itself is a large market, with a highly skilled and well-paid workforce. In 2023 the capital topped the list as the highest paying region in New Zealand according to Trade Me Jobs, which found the average advertised salary in Wellington was $76,041. Many are already seizing the opportunity to physically base their businesses in Horowhenua where costs are low and sell their products and services to Wellington where prices are high and consumer sentiment remains buoyant. This simple but effective business model is working extremely well for a number of Horowhenua businesses.

Because it’s comparatively affordable, Horowhenua is in an extremely fortunate position, both geographically and in a time and place sense. Horowhenua is a low cost environment to live, invest and do business in while also being close (and about to become even closer) to centres of high economic and political power. In Horowhenua it is 36% cheaper to buy a home than the New Zealand average (RIENZ monthly property report September 2023). The District’s population has been growing at a strong rate and is being matched by increasing housing developments. Central Government’s support towards infrastructure for the future 3,500 home Tara-Ika development east of Levin, will ensure there is a healthy supply homes close to amenities and services for the growing population. With house prices in Wellington and other major centres becoming more and more unaffordable to many young families, many have taken advantage of Horowhenua as the perfect place to buy a decent home with a backyard that won’t cost the earth.

Whether it is your first rung on the property ladder or you’re looking to sell in the big city for an upgrade with more space, Horowhenua is the place to be. Equally for businesses, there is flat land adjacent to major transportation routes that is ideally situated to base your business or use for warehousing and storage. As a business friendly environment, you can research, design, develop, and manufacture the next big thing right here in Horowhenua and sell it across the country or even the world. It is possible, we have many examples including RJ’s Licorice, Turks Poultry, Tendertips Asparagus NZ, Genoese, Swazi and Techlam.

As the nation’s capital, Wellington is not only a large economic centre but also the heart of political power. It is not uncommon for Ministers to be seen in Horowhenua discussing potential government investments and meeting local business people. The size of Horowhenua and its proximity to Wellington makes it an ideal centre for central government to run pilot programmes before rolling them out on a national level. One example of this has been Horowhenua’s involvement in Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand’s iwi-led health reform pilot.

Horowhenua faces north just as it faces south. Palmerston North is only a 40 minute drive up State Highway 57 from Levin. As well as being the lower North Island’s major transportation hub, Palmerston North is home to a number of high end research and development institutions, including Massey University, Plant & Food Research and AgResearch.

Opportunities to innovate and make the most of New Zealand’s smartest minds is just another reason why Horowhenua is increasingly attractive to businesses with an innovation and R&D focus. Over the longer term the economies and labour markets of Palmerston North and Wellington are converging into an integrated lower North Island economy. What better place to invest than at its heart in Horowhenua?

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